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Delivered Fuel Prices:

*Home Heating/Off Road Diesel: $2.78
*Kerosene: $3.60

*Quantity Discounts Apply
-Delivery charge applied under 150 gallons.

Pump Fuel Prices:

Home Heating/Off Road Diesel: $2.829

On Road Diesel: $3.709
Kerosene: $3.649

(Price is subject to change depending upon daily market conditions)

Heating Oil & Diesel Fuel

Weavertown Oils Services, Inc. (WTO) offers home and business delivery Monday through Friday. We are also a preferred service provider for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Washington County Crisis.

At WTO’s McDonald, PA location, pump service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

• Home Heating Fuel
• Off-Road Fuel
• Kerosene
• On Road Diesel Fuel
• Farm Fuels

All fuels dispensed by WTO are of the highest premium quality and blend.  WTO’s client list is extensive, ranging from small homeowners to large, commercial contractors. WTO supplies and delivers to all sizes and types of fuel tanks. WTO also provides accessories for sale such as tank gauges, oil filters, tank fittings, and fuel conditioner. With competitive pricing, experienced personnel, and quick response time, WTO assures clients superior service.

Home Heating Oil