Industrial Cleaning

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Weavertown Environmental Group is a premier provider of comprehensive environmental solutions to the oil and natural gas industries 24/7/365, while still maintaining our other industrial clientele.

Solutions. Support. Safety.

That’s our motto.  We deliver the best service in the industry.  We are here for our clients’ everyday and emergency needs.

WEG provides high-quality cleaning and removal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials from any container or surface using our high-efficiency vacuum units, chemical cleaners, dry abrasives, or mobile power-washing equipment.  We are a fully-insured and licensed waste transporter – approved in 48 states.

Our fleet of transportation equipment is unparalleled in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

We own vacuum trucks, trailers and other vehicles capable of handling both wet and dry materials including liquids, sludges, heavy solids, and dense metallic liquids such as mercury.

Service experience includes cleaning underground storage tanks (USTs) and ponds, dry solids from pits, and #6 fuel oil from above-ground storage tanks (ASTs), tank cars, and pipelines.

We offer site remediation to manage or eradicate asbestos, lead or mold by employing our technical staff including scientists, engineers, geologists and field technicians.

Whatever your industrial needs are, we have the staff, equipment and experience to not only meet your needs, but exceed them.