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Emergency Response


Weavertown Environmental Group’s emergency response line is manned with a live Weavertown employee 24-hours per day, 365 days per year.  From interstate cleanup to chemical spills to explosions: we have your back.

Weavertown can tow and transfer loads, upright tankers, contain hazardous materials and completely remediate any site. All responding WEG employees are HAZWOPER-trained to handle any type of chemical or petroleum release. WEG is a recognized Chemical Manufacturers Association spill-response contractor.

Environmental Cleanup

Treatment & Disposal

Regulations & Compliance

Towing & Recovery

Industrial Cleaning

Weavertown was founded over three decades ago and has developed into the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier provider of environmental services and industrial cleaning.

We’ve proven our value to the oil and Marcellus and Utica Shale natural gas companies as well as more traditional industries by providing reliable and innovative solutions addressing environmental issues.

Our professional engineers, geologists, technicians and environmental scientists use their skills and our extensive equipment to meet your objectives on time and on budget.


Oil and Gas




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Healthcare & Education

Weavertown offers remediation, preparation and prevention to labs, healthcare providers, schools and universities. We can not only deliver supplies, equipment and training to your door, we can safely remove and dispose of any biohazards or chemicals.

We are confident that Weavertown has the capabilities to fill all of your needs.


Personal Care Homes



Workplace Safety

Weavertown Environmental Group uses our own experienced instructors to train and educate your workforce on how to prevent or respond to any potential hazard.

We own and utilize unique training equipment and provide techniques to simulate an actual disaster or emergency.

Whether you work in emergency response, the government, a corporation or private business, we offer peace of mind that whatever you face, you’ll know how to safely resolve the situation.

Emergency Responders

Health & Safety Professionals

Regulatory Compliance


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