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Business and a cleaner, safer environment can exist side by side thanks to the comprehensive solutions, innovative technologies, and years of experience of one extraordinary company, Weavertown Environmental Group (WEG).  Whether it's a catastrophic release, an environmental hazard, or day-to-day industrial challenges, WEG offers complete, in-house solutions.

WEG utilizes the skills of the finest people in the industry, along with diverse, state-of-the-art technologies.  With an integrated approach, WEG brings every discipline into focus, resulting in a timely response to each project.  In addition, WEG's dedication to innovation and excellence is equaled by its commitment to cost-effectiveness.

WEG was established over three decades ago with the intention of building a full service company to resolve the most critical environmental issues of business, industry, government and the public.  WEG has always strived to employ the finest people and utilize the best equipment available.  WEG prides itself on being the best.  It is the goal of WEG to continue to provide unparalleled quality service through unequaled dedication, enthusiasm and the highest degree of integrity.  We continue to research, design and develop new, improved and innovative methods to execute our projects in the  most efficient and productive manner possible ensuring the environment is protected today and in the future.

Infectious Disease Control and
Clean Up 
and Most Recently Ebola

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